Sometimes when printing a label, you simply have more information to put down than the label has space. This is where the booklet label comes in. A booklet label provides the perfect solution to this problem by adding additional space to the label in an ingenious way. The label is printed like a small booklet and pressure-stamped to the its product. This way you can fold the booklet out and read all the information it has to say.

But in what ways would one use a booklet label?

Safety Guidelines: For a product with meticulous safety details, a booklet label is a responsible way to provide this information to the user. Advising a customer on the proper way to use certain chemicals, equipment and more can not only prevent dangerous accidents but also prevent leaving yourself open to potential legal troubles.

Assembly Instructions: A classic use of the booklet label. Want to include detailed assembly instructions but not have enough room on the product? A booklet label can provide step-by-step instructions and prevent incorrect usage of the product.

Maintenance and Care: For a product that necessitates maintenance, it is important the user has all the right details. You can provide this in a booklet label, with instructions on how to maintain items to prolong their lifespan.

Warranty: For a product that comes with a detailed warranty, these details can be printed on a booklet label, meaning your customers won’t need to go to your website or contact you directly to find these details.

Multilingual Information: For international products, these a booklet label can provide information in several different languages to ensure anyone who uses it can do so properly. This allows you to market your product to a far more diverse target audience than without.

Regulatory Compliance: Information required by law can be included in these booklet labels to ensure full compliance.

Product Branding: If nothing else, a booklet label is a great way to get your branding out there!

Designing and producing a booklet label is a task best left to the professionals. It requires the proper approach, ensuring that it is both sturdy enough to be constantly handled as well as visually pleasing.

The Benefits of Booklet Labels

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