Unsafe and Sfe

Whether you offer personal care products, electronics, food and beverage, or products from a myriad of other manufacturing industries, safety and security for your product is more important now than ever. Especially in the current COVID climate, customers want to ensure freshness and authenticity of the products they buy – they want to ensure the product has not been tampered with.

You can deliver on this by applying tamper proof or void labels to your goods.

Tamper proof (also known as tamper evident) seals are typically applied across a bottle or a container and its lid. These types of labels can found on specialty alcohol bottles, face or hand creams, and food delivery bags or take away containers. If the seal is broken, there is a visual indication to the customer that the product may have been tampered with. Tamper proof labels also offer some additional real estate on your product for branding or promotional offers.

Void Labels are used for higher value items and items that may carry a warranty. Where a more basic tamper proof label could technically be completely removed with no evidence it ever existed, a void label offers enhanced security. When a void label is removed, it leaves behind a silver residue of multiple instances of the word “VOID”. As a manufacturer of the product, you know when the product has been opened or tampered with, and are able to better avoid or manage fraudulent warranty claims.

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Tamper Proof Labels

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