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Custom Nameplates and Tags are manufactured using several processes and materials (brass, stainless steel, polycarbonate) dependant on overall requirements and considering your optimum outcome being durability or affordability. Effects include anodised, embossed, etched & screen printing. We aim to provide our clients with the required solution incorporating features such as radius corners, embossing, mounting holes and adhesive backing to the product. The nameplates that we can supply, cater for various applications and industries including: Automotive, Vehicle/Trailer/Caravan Compliance plates, Electrical Switchboard Labelling/Tagging, Plumbing Labels/Tags & Security tags.

Working together with our clients, our customer service representatives and graphic art department can design your own special nameplates, or work with your engineering drawings and sketches, which, when approved for production, will be manufactured to your specifications.



Anodised aluminium nameplates have gone through an electrochemical process that

converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. This produces very durable and long-lasting nameplates used especially on machinery and equipment and in outdoor situations where they are exposed to the elements.  They can also be used as a decorative product identification.



Our embossed nameplates are made in anodised aluminium.

These can be printed and embossed for a decorative appearance, or just embossed as in the case of vehicle compliance plates.



Etched Nameplates are manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel and brass.

In this process, the image is either etched into the metal, or the background etched away so that the image stands up from the background.

The etched part of the nameplate is usually filled with a colour and baked to achieve the final long-lasting durable product.  These nameplates are typically used on equipment to comply with OHS and government regulations which require information such as electrical ratings, pressures etc. to be permanently affixed to the equipment, while they are also used as attractive product badging nameplates.


Screen Printed

Screen printed nameplates can be in aluminium / brushed stainless steel /polycarbonate / pvc

or polystyrene (See Polycarbonate).These are a less expensive alternative to the anodised and etched nameplates and more suited to applications which are not exposed to the elements. Our screen print inks are highly pigmented and are extremely durable.



Screen printed, UV-resistant core flute signage and warning signs.

Real estate signs, fencing and building signage for fire extinguishers, directions, public / private swimming pool signage and more.  Short runs are available with our digital UV printing processes.



Polycarbonate nameplates and tags are often used for panels for equipment and product badging.

These can be manufactured using a” buried print” technique, in which the ink is printed on the back of clear polycarbonate (wrong reading) and the image is viewed from the front (right reading) through the clear material.  A suitable adhesive is then applied to back of the nameplate encapsulating the ink, which prevents the ink from encountering any cleaning agents being used. This ensures that the nameplate retains a good appearance throughout the life of the product.

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