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Are you in need of some blank labels for your next project? With so many options, choosing the suitable label material for your needs can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help! In this blog, we’ll guide you through selecting the perfect blank label printing material at home or using a professional printing service. From paper to film labels, we’ll cover the materials available and provide tips for choosing a suitable adhesive. So, let’s dive in and ensure you have the perfect blank label stickers for your needs!

The Intended Use Blank Labels

The first step in selecting the right blank label printing material is to consider the purpose of the labels. Will they be used for indoor or outdoor applications? Will they be exposed to high humidity or temperatures?

Here are some typical applications for blank labels and the recommended materials for each:

  • Product Labels: For product labels that will be used indoors, paper or film labels are a great choice. For outdoor products, vinyl or polyester labels are recommended for their durability.
  • Shipping Labels: Labels exposed to moisture and handling should be made of polyester or vinyl.
  • Food Labels: For food labels, it’s essential to choose materials that are FDA-compliant and safe for use with food products. Synthetic labels made from materials like polypropylene or vinyl are popular for food labels.
  • Medical Labels: Materials that are resistant to moisture and chemicals are ideal for medical labels. Polyester or vinyl labels are a good choice for medical labels.

Environmental Factors

Factors like temperature, moisture, and exposure to chemicals can all impact the label’s performance. Here are some shared environmental factors to consider:

  • Temperature: If your labels are exposed to high temperatures, choose heat-resistant materials like polyester or vinyl.
  • Moisture: If your labels are moisture-exposed, choose water-resistant materials, such as polyester or vinyl.
  • Chemical Exposure: If your labels are exposed to chemicals, choose chemical-resistant materials like polyester or vinyl.

Printing Methods

Different materials may be more suitable for different printing methods, so choosing a material that is compatible with your printing equipment is essential. Here are some standard blank label printing methods and the recommended materials for each:

  • Thermal Transfer: Polyester and vinyl materials are recommended for their durability and heat resistance for thermal transfer printing.
  • Direct Thermal: Paper and synthetic materials like polypropylene and polyester are good choices for direct thermal printing.
  • Inkjet: Paper labels are the most common choice for inkjet printing, but some synthetic materials like vinyl and polyester are also compatible with certain inkjet printers.

Film Labels

Film labels are more durable than paper labels and are a good choice for outdoor applications or products exposed to harsh environments. 

  • Polyester: Polyester labels are resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals, making them an excellent choice for industrial applications.
  • Vinyl labels are flexible and conformable, making them ideal for curved surfaces or irregularly shaped products. They’re also resistant to water and chemicals.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene labels are resistant to water and oil, making them a popular choice for food and beverage labels.

Film labels are more expensive than paper labels but offer excellent durability and resistance to harsh environments.

Choosing the Right Adhesive

In addition to choosing the right label material, choosing the right adhesive for your needs is essential. Here are some common types of adhesives and their recommended uses:

  • Permanent: Permanent adhesives are ideal for labels that will be applied to products or packaging for an extended period.
  • Removable: Removable adhesives are designed to be easily removed without leaving residue behind. They’re a good choice for temporary labels or labels that must be repositioned.
  • High-Tack adhesives are ideal for labels applied to rough or uneven surfaces.


Who knew choosing the right blank label material could be a fun adventure? With the above tips, you’ll be equipped to embark on a label-making journey like no other! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your label-making gear, and let’s get started! Blank label stickers are the perfect tool for organising your life or adding a touch of personality to your products. And with so many options available, the sky’s the limit! So, get creative, and mix and match label material to find the perfect combination for your needs. Your next label project is sure to be a blast!

Label Your Way to Perfection: How to Choose the Ideal Blank Label Material for Your Needs!

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