Lables & Tags

Blank, Plain Labes & tags

Blank labels are available in over 1000 sizes.  Blank labels for label printers are separated into 4 categories.

Blank labels for Direct Thermal label printers = These labels have a thermally sensitive coating that will enable the labels stock to turn black from heat when the heat is applied in precise areas from a direct thermal label printer.  These labels are best for short term useage – I.e Carton labels, shipping labels, deli scale labels etc…

Blank labels for Thermal Transfer label printers – These labels ae suitable for handwriting and work with Thermal Transfer Printers – Thermal Transfer printers us a black or coloured ribbon that is a clear film coated with wax, wax/resin or resin.  The wax, wax/resin or resin will heat up from the heat of the thermal printhead and will get applied to the label stock.   This process is best for longer lasting labels.  The blank labels come in paper and synthetic varieties.

Blank labels for colour laser printers – These labels can come in rolls for colour laser printers such as OKI and others.

Blank labels for colour inkjet printers – These labels have an inkjet receptive coating and are available for colour inkjet label printers such as Colordyne, Epson, Primera, VIPColor.  Action inkjet labels come in white inkjet matt paper, gloss paper, matt synthetic, gloss synthetic, gloss clear, gloss silver and gloss gold stocks.


Printed Labels

Dynamic, vibrant, and eye-catching labels will ensure your products stand out from your competition.  Choosing the right labels stocks and adhesives is important so your labels remain adhered to your products. Our experienced personnel will ask questions to ensure the labels we supply are suited to the environmental and durability needs you may have.  To further enhance your labels a range of overlaminates, varnishes, including tactile, and raised spot varnish are available.  Embossing, gold, silver, cold & hot foiling will further enhance the look of your products, through effective labelling.  White, clear, silver, gold, fluorescent, black, and textured label stocks are available, creating additional branding impact for your labels.

Wine Labels

Action Labels & Nameplates is situation only 45mins from the famous Yarra Valley.  Our creative team are experienced in creating unique and eye-catching designs for wine labels.  Antique, linen, and textured stocks including craft and matt black combined with conventional and digital printing, hot foiling, embossing, and spot raised screen varnishes ensure ultra quality for high impact labelling.  Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic label applicators are available for your labelling convenience and we ship labels and applicators Australia wide and even around the South Pacific.




Short run to long run, our digital, screen print, cold and hot foil technologies enable your microbrewery and craft brew beers to stand out from the rest.  Our newest Epson UV Inkjet label press allows digital CMYK, digital white and digital matt and gloss UV varnish on all label stocks including textured, silver, gold and matt black stocks. Stuck with designing?  – Our design team will come up with the best ideas for your crafty ales.

Food & Beverage


Food safe materials, adhesives and laminates combined with quality printing create a competitive offerings for all food and beverage labelling customers.   Experience in precise die-cutting and quality control ensure your product labels maintain a high standard.  For long runs of water or juice labels come and talk to the team at Action!


Growers Produce

Tags & Labels

Growers produce tags – often referred to as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths produce labels and tags these are available ex stock from Action Labels & Nameplates.   Sizes include 40x140mm direct thermal tags, 80×85 direct thermal tags and more. We even have pink 80×85 tags.  Produce labels and tags are sold in rolls to go through direct thermal label printers – also available from Action Labels & Nameplates.

Transport & Warehousing Labels

Blank thermal label for carton labelling including labels for Startrack and Australia Post label printers.  Labels are 99x148m and come in small rolls with 350 labels per roll for desktop label printers (Sold in boxes of 10 rolls) and 1000 labels per roll (Sold in boxes of 4 rolls) for larger industrial label printers. Other standard sizes are available with minimum order only 1 box.

Fluorescent and Brightly Coloured


Blank Fluro labels are available in a range of standard sizes in the following colours – Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Pink and Pantone Blue.     We have these labels in standard sizes 100x150mm 100x100m 100x50mm and more.   These brightly coloured labels can be supplied unprinted so you can overprint them with your own label printer or we can overprint them for you with black text.


Product Labelling

Product label and stickers are an extensive part of our range.  This range includes labelling solutions for the following markets and uses: labels and stickers for items such as Personal care, cosmetic & beauty items, household goods, aromatic candles, artisan products, food and confectionery packaging, beer, beverage and spirits, chemical containers, industrial applications, Automotive and many more. We produce our labels in roll form or can be sheeted/guillotined into singles. Call us to discuss your requirements. shampoo bottle labels, tinned goods/pharmaceuticals/ packaged/frozen food/ plastic mouldings/ metal goods/furniture/chemicals/cleaning/spray cans/toys/chocolates/confectionery/beauty/skincare and many other products.  Four colour process and metallic foil are available in this range.

Window and Glass


Window stickers/Decals can be made to stick on the inside of the window (to be viewed through the glass from outside) or on the outside of the window (also read from the outside).  These can also be single sided, read from one side only, or double sided (image on both sides of the sticker).  These are usually used to advertise products or services offered by retail/security/builders/car parking permits etc

Bumper Stickers and Promotional 


Blank Fluro labels are available in a range of standard sizes in the following colours – Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Pink and Pantone Blue.     We have these labels in standard sizes 100x150mm 100x100m 100x50mm and more.   These brightly coloured labels can be supplied unprinted so you can overprint them with your own label printer or we can overprint them for you with black text.



Barcode and asset labels for all applications.  GS1 and EAN barcodes printed, sequentially numbered barcodes and QR codes are our speciality.  These can be on various substrates with or without protective overlaminate and can be provided in sets of numbers and various sizes.

(Tamperproof/Tampermark/Security Void substrates also available). 


Domed Labels/Badges

Domed labels or label doming is where a durable clear resin protects the labels and creates a “domed” label.  The label can be printed in any shape or colour including clear, silver and white backgrounds. The clear resin or liquid lens will protect and magnify the label image.  Due to our digital process our minimum quantities start from only 100 domes.   Domed tags and keyrings are also available.


Security Labels and Tamperproof Seals

Contact us to discuss the wide range of security labels available and to receive samples and information pack. Our Action security labels range includes Tamper mark and Tamperproof substrates and are used where evidence of removal of an existing label is required, or the label needs to be destroyed to remove it.


Digital Printing Cutting

Recent investment in the latest digital label printing machinery means you can receive short run labels and tags with zero plate, film and setup costs.    Variable data and variable image printing means every label can be unique.   Our digital label printing and cutting ensures fast turn-around and competitive pricing..  Digital label cutting technology means the labels are digitally cut without dies. This method of manufacture requires no films/screens, plates or cutting dies, saving you money and time.  We can design your label or sticker, or you can provide us with a suitable electronic file. “Download our Artwork Specification Form”



Nameplates and tags are manufactured using several processes and materials dependant on overall requirements. Considering your optimum outcome, being durability or affordability being your desired option. We aim to provide our clients with the required solution incorporating features such as radius corners, embossing, mounting holes, adhesive to the end product.

The nameplates that we can supply, cater for various applications and industries including: Automotive, Vehicle/Trailer/Caravan Compliance plates, Electrical Switchboard Labelling/tagging, Plumbing Labels/Tags, security tags  We manufacture nameplates using various processes, materials, colours, and sizes, with self-adhesive backing or holes for fixing, depending on the application.  Working together, our customer service representative and graphic art department, can design your own special nameplates, or work with your engineering drawings, and sketches, which, when approved for production will be manufactured to your specifications.



Anodised aluminium nameplates are manufactured by dyeing the colours into the surface of the aluminium and sealing them in.  This produces very durable and long-lasting nameplates used especially on machinery and equipment and in outdoor situations where they are exposed to the elements.  They can also be used as a decorative product identification.



Etched Nameplates are manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel, and brass.  In this process, the image is either etched into the metal, or the background etched away so that the image stands up from the background.  The etched part of the nameplate is usually filled with a colour and baked to achieve the final long-lasting durable product.  These nameplates are typically used on equipment to comply with OHS and government regulations which require information such as electrical ratings, pressures etc. to be permanently affixed to the equipment, they are also used as attractive product badging nameplates.



Our embossed nameplates are made in anodised aluminium. These can be printed and embossed for a decorative appearance, or just embossed as in the case of vehicle compliance plates. 


Screen Printed

Screen printed nameplates can be in aluminium / brushed stainless steel /polycarbonate/pvc or polystyrene (See Polycarbonate).  These are a less expensive alternative to the anodised and etched nameplates and more suited to applications which are not exposed to the elements. Our screen print inks are highly pigmented and are extremely durable.



Polycarbonate nameplates are often used for panels for equipment, and product badging.  These can be manufactured using a” buried print” technique, in which the ink is printed on the back of clear polycarbonate (wrong reading) and the image is viewed from the front (right reading) through the clear material.  A suitable adhesive is then applied to back of the nameplate encapsulating the ink, which prevents the ink from coming in contact with any cleaning agents being used.  This ensures that the nameplate retains a good appearance throughout the life of the product.



Corflute Signs

Screen printed UV resistant corflute (sometimes incorrectly spelt coreflute) signage and warning signs. Real estate signs, fencing and building signage.  Short runs are available with our digital UV printing processes.


Labels Printers & Consumables

Action Labels & Nameplates supply DT, TT and colour Inkjet or colour laser label and tag printers, parts and consumables from the following trusted Vendors – Datamax, Epson, Honeywell, Intermec, OKI, Primera, TSC, Unicolor and Zebra.  Repair, maintenance and servicing of these printers is also performed onsite.


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